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Pengram Corp. (PNGM) Properties Update

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Sept. 18, 2012  -- Pengram Corporation (Symbol: PNGM, (the "Company") issued the following update today on the title status of its mineral properties.

Pengram holds three mineral properties:

1.      The Clisbako Property consisting of ten contiguous mineral claims covering an area of approximately 3,388 hectares located in the Interior Plateau Region of north central British Columbia.  Pengram has entered into an agreement to option the property to Manado Gold Corp. which is completing significant exploration programs on the Clisbako Property.  The property is currently in good standing with the British Columbia Ministry of Mines until November 30, 2014

2.      The Fish Project consists of 58 unpatented claims covering 1.9 square miles located within the Walker Lane Belt, approximately 12 miles west of Tonopah, Nevada.  The Company has recently paid the advance royalties, BLM fees and county filing fees with the result that the Property is in good standing until August 2013.

3.      The Golden Snow Property is located in Eureka County, Nevada and is adjacent to Timberline's Lookout Deposit.  The property is under option to Terrace Ventures Inc.  Terrace has completed exploration work this summer and has paid the advance royalties, BLM and county filing fees so the property is in good standing until August 2013.


Pengram Corp. (PNGM) is an exploration-stage company.  The Company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of properties to search for gold mineralization in Canada and the United States. In Nevada, Pengram controls 216 claims covering approximately 4,350.   In Canada, PNGM controls 8,372 acres in the Cariboo Mining District that has historically produced more than 3.8 million counces of gold.

Forward Looking Statement

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