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Washed Away The Free Mixtape By An Artist Resemble Usher's Moving Mountains Hit Single

Washed Away is a fee mixtape from this hot new rising artist

Los Angeles – December 11, 2012 - - The sound of the wave is soothing, but also a mighty force carried by wind that no one knows the mysteries of. Kenal is an R&B/Pop singer, songwriter, visual artist and more. Fresh this year is a music project and free mixtape download from the talented artist entitled “Washed Away.”

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The free mixtape is among the top hottest Datpiff mixtapes for R&B and semi-Pop. 


Kenal delivers poetry, emotion, passion, stories and a great level of musicality through the free EP music album. The EP mixtape features seven songs from the musician. However, fans of Kenal on his Facebook fan page, Twitter followers, and blog subscribers have messaged as well as left tons of positive feedback for the rising musician’s love song compiled free album “Washed Away”.


Among the favorite tracks from the project includes the song “Washed Away”, which the album is entitled after. Other songs including “Matter of Time”, “We Made Love”, and “Better Man” are some of the favorites of listeners of the project from the multi-talented artist. The album is a reflection of the past years that Kenal has been writing music and experienced some ups and downs as a musician in relationships. How does anyone grow tired of love songs because love is endless in this lifetime if love is all around us and part of our lives daily?


The featured song “Washed Away” presents a scenario where Kenal is singing about a young lady in his life that was going through an abusive relationship, but he wanted to be her hero in a sense telling her that she should be with him. Though this concept is not new, but the originality behind the music written by the singer and songwriter on an instrumental provided by a producer from Germany U’Jay resembles “Moving Mountains” by Grammy award nominated and winner Usher Raymond.


In an interview with Kenal the artist mentioned the following “At the time I wrote the song I was almost an emotional wreck as a male. My pen and my art is the way I find myself the most expressive of how I feel and the emotion along with the pain I felt for her transferred through the music.” Though the context of “Moving Mountains” by Usher and “Washed Away” by Kenal are two different plots in music, the passion and the classic sound behind each song is truly unique and something memorable and triggers thoughts of those that that have been in similar situations to spark.


To experience “Washed Away” as a listener listen and download the song through Kenal’s website hosted as one of the hottest mixtapes among the Datpiff Mixtapes online. Be sure to like, share and enjoy the original tunes from Kenal.


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