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A Biblical website start-up offers beautiful new online Bible-Commentary for free

DALLAS, Dec. 18, 2012 -- Scriptures From the is a free Biblical commentary website that publishes anonymously written content to help explain and interpret the meaning of Bible verses and scripture in the context of today's world. It is a bit theological, a little reflective, notably fresh and original - and relies heavily on the words of a secret community (explained below.)

While the website clearly covers themed Bible topics such as "Famous Bible Verses", "Christmas Verses", and "Bible Verses on Friendship" – like any other Bible commentary site; it hints at something that is more emotionally powerful for the reader.

The content is structured in a clean format that focuses on abstract and meaningful article images that connect not only to the verse but the commentary of the anonymous author… anonymous author? This is a curious angle.

Alex Brookbank , the website's founder, said, "We strive to create quality and impactful content that expresses messages of hope and wisdom that is written by unnamed individuals. We believe that this speaks to the strength of a united community and demonstrates the power of the average human being. And we believe that this is appealing and genuine."

In the future, the founder believes the website could evolve into a Social Media destination where users comment, share, and submit their own theological (or philosophical) commentary and reflective articles themed around Bible interpretation and ordinary understanding.

The Bible's most timeless verses are explained in an easy-to-navigate blog-type format that publishes new articles daily. The site is heavily integrated with Facebook and reached 1,000 Facebook followers within the first week of launching.

In the short-term it will continue to attract and help those of us that need a little reflection, a little wisdom, and a little guidance to get us through the rest of the day.

Don't miss any more cutting-edge Bible commentary - it could be just what you need!

About the Website

Scriptures From The has two missions. The first is to recognize and spread awareness of the power, wisdom, and knowledge contained throughout the Bible. The second mission is to publish commentary written by anonymous individuals that reinforce messages of hope and strength.  We believe that sharing anonymously written Biblical commentary speaks to the power of a global community and the voice of the average human being. And we believe that this is appealing and genuine.

Alex Brookbank

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