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Latest Summer Fashion Art Piece From A Collection by Pierre Kenal Louis

Latest Summer Fashion Art Piece From A Collection by Pierre Kenal Louis

Los Angeles, CA - 12/26/2012

mona.jpgInspired by a photograph shot by Photographer Miriha Austin of Mona Kahlo, the following original artwork was composed. The piece is entitled “Mona Sur La Plage Urbaine” which according to Kenalsworld is named after the photographer and translates from French into English as “Mona On the Urban Beach”. Pierre Kenal Louis is the artist of the composed piece from a collection of original artworks for sale the artist have available online. The range in category go from fashion art, high heels stilettos, celebrity portraits and amore. The piece named after the photographer is his way to honor the photographer for granting him permission and to use her beautiful work as a reference for the artwork.


Read more about the photographer that the artwork was composed in reference from Miriha Austin and view some of her photographed works by visit her website or visiting the Kenalsworld feature of some of her photographed works. She is a photographer that is very much talented in her use of natural light, ambient light and photography composition.


summer-fashion.jpgOn his website the visual artist of the art work states "The style in which I composed the artwork is something I developed in 2012 follow Omaha Fashion Week which I attended in the fall of 2012. After the fashion week and shows I sat down and went through about 4,000 shots that I took during the Omaha Fashion Week and as I narrowed down the images a thought came to me to create fashion art. I started using multiple colors to create the artwork in a semi-abstract way, which kept the gestures, emotion, styles and figures as they were originally, but altered the color of the photographs and draw each figure to give is that semi-abstract feel."


Louis an artist born in Haiti who later emigrated to the United States composes these fashion art pieces and abstract stilettos artwork through the use of multiple colors, lines and shapes. Observing his unique style in composition the Haitian artist truly have a gift and ability to create captivating artwork. The artwork he compose are also fairly adaptable to almost any environment because of the wide amount of colors that the artist uses in each of the works of art.


“Mona Sur La Plage Urbainehis summer fashion art and latest piece from his fashion art collection can be purchase in various sizes up to 36×41 inches in dimension on either acrylic stretched canvas, metal, standard and framed prints. Visit his online art gallery to view more of his artworks and various styles that the visual artist is skilled in.


Within his website many will find original artworks, music reviews, fashion  blogs, and a world of music that includes featured musicians from all over the United States. Kenalsworld the online home of Pierre Kenal Louis  is entertainment for those that art and music have a place in their hearts.


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