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Pegasus Has Developed and Completed Successful Testing of MoldGuardian™ a New Anti-Fungi Product

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL-- January 28, 2014 - Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (OTC Pink: PGUZ)


MoldGuardian has been developed using "Quality by Design" approach to create a protective barrier on any surface to eliminate the ability of mold spores to penetrate the pores and for any spores existing on a surface to grow. Also, MoldGuardianrepels moisture which is an absolute necessity for mold growth. Thus, any spore sitting on a surface or in a pore will not grow without humidity. MoldGuardianwas designed with mold spores in mind and to provide a long lasting prophylactic, protective barrier effect.


MoldGuardianis formulated with ingredients that are hydrophobic, polyunsaturated and/or saturated hydrocarbons and their esters and alcohol derivatives as well as water insoluble antioxidants and water insoluble and/or very low water soluble vitamins. In the product all of the ingredients are emulsified in the aqueous solution and exist in the form of the stable emulsion.


When MoldGuardian is applied on the surface and solution is dried, the emulsion is disintegrated and the dried ingredients create a thin layer on the surface penetrating into the material pores and provides a treated surface covered with protective layer. This layer is maintained by means of hydrophobic Van-Der-Waal's, dipole-dipole, and other non-covalent binding of hydrophobic ingredients with each other creating a protective barrier. It protects the surface from penetration and growth of fungi. This Water-resistant barrier protects the surface from fungal spores and/or cells penetration into the material surface and pores. It, also, prevents the passage of water even after long or continuous exposure to moisture. In addition water-resistant properties of the product have created conditions where moisture required for the fungal spore growth cannot penetrate through the barrier.


MoldGuardian treated surfaces are deprived of the required moisture content and this prohibits surface growth when protected with the MoldGuardianproduct.


Another feature is that the mold spores remain on the surface and do not spread to grow on another surface. When used on a preventive or regular basis it greatly reduces time, labor, liability and other expenditures.


MoldGuardianhelps to eliminate mold growth using naturally occurring compounds and neutral pH. The formula is comprised of a unique combination of non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients.


Pegasus is marketing MoldGuardian to industries worldwide as a cleaner and mold inhibitor.


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