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Infinex Ventures, Inc. Enters Into Negotiations to Acquire Marijuana Funding Inc.

Company Seeks to Grow Portfolio via Access to Financing Programs Offered

Infinex Ventures, Inc. (OTC Pink: INFX) (PINKSHEETS: INFX) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into meaningful negotiations for the acquisition of a Marijuana Funding, Inc. based out of Colorado. The purchase would allow the Company to expand its offerings into markets that it has not done business in in the past. The company has extensive lending and finance programs that are focused on growing the Marijuana Industry. With the Company's support, the two companies believe they can help to expand to clients by providing capital to expand and renovate the distribution process with new state-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques in an effort to capitalize on the recent legalization and resulting high demand of cannabis in the state of Colorado.


The Company has fully evaluated the industry and expects to be able to yield a great return on investment and generate revenues from not only the finance charges, but also by taking equity positions in those companies seeking equity financing. The arrangement will allow the Company to establish and participate in the profit sharing in a multitude of companies in the industry via joint ventures and other strategic alliances. The program will allow the company to receive not only financing charge revenue, but also revenue from the sales of Cannabis products as it acquires marijuana dispensaries and other manufacturers in the Cannabis industry. Financing for these ventures will come from both the Marijuana Funding sources, as well as through investors that the Company can provide. Due to recent relaxation of regulation on Cannabis, an influx of new consumers continues to grow, revealing a lucrative opportunity for the Company, whereas marijuana dispensaries cannot keep up with the continually rising demand for high quality marijuana.


Ron Salem, President of Infinex Ventures, stated, "This is truly an amazing opportunity to work with a firm that can allow us to help these companies. The industry is exploding and we would be remiss to not get our feet into the arena. As the restrictions continue to lighten, we are going to be able to continue the further expansion of these companies by providing working capital and equipment financing available today through Marijuana Funding, Inc. The lucrative potential of our entrance into this promising industry is staggering, as demand for these newly legalized products increases. This program is sure to bring in significant revenue going into the third and fourth quarters of 2014. This fits right in with our plan to model to grow shareholder value via strong revenues."


About Infinex Ventures

Infinex Ventures, Inc. is a holding company that specializes in putting companies from different industries together to create more value for each. These synergistic relationships can take the form of mergers, acquisitions or even the finding of equity cash infusions or loans. Our team of consultants work in various fields and can provide support to companies in the areas of accounting, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and other areas of general management. We have worked with a diverse array of clients in fields that include mining, food and beverages, hospitality, event and stage planning and the cannabis industries. We have recently expanded into the cannabis industry through our relationship with Marijuana Funding Inc.



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