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Chinese Executives Visit the Coates International, Ltd. Headquarters and R&D Plant in New Jersey in an Important Step Towards Establishing Production Operations of Coates CSRV(R) Engines and Electric Power Generators in China

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Coates International, Ltd. ("the Company") (OTCQB: COTE) 


Meetings with visiting executives from China were productive and positive. Most of Company management's requests and concerns were agreed upon and addressed to their satisfaction during the multi-day meetings. The Coates CSRV® Industrial power generators were demonstrated, operating under full load on natural gas, achieving output of more than 100 KW's. In addition, a smaller standalone 4 cylinder, 35 KW propane-powered home generator, a gasoline-powered V-8 performance engine and the Coates Hydrogen Reactor, which transforms water into hydroxy gas used as the sole fuel source to power a 14-HP CSRV® engine were also demonstrated. All demonstrated engines and generators operated flawlessly.


Mr. Coates' comments: "The main purpose of these meetings was to clarify the details of our plans in China and make meaningful progress in our goal to establish mass production of CSRV® products. Our CSRV® products were designed to lower the production of harmful pollutants that are released into our atmosphere continually from the combustion process. These pollutants contaminate the air we breathe and our food supply, contribute to health problems and are adding substantial costs to healthcare worldwide."


The CSRV® engines operate on a wide range of alternative fuels such as: Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, Propane and Hydrogen, as well as all standard engine fuels. The thermal efficiency of the CSRV® engines is due to the design, which incorporates much higher compression ratios than the poppet valve. Greater volumetric efficiency of the CSRV® system, less load required to operate the valve system and the elimination of engine oil in the CSRV® system are the key enablers in the Company's clean burning and "green" engine products.


After the Company receives definitive documentation, management will visit China to inspect the new production facilities and begin laying out plans for production lines, warehousing and supply chain logistics. The Company plans to manufacture its full range of CSRV® products from the smallest engines to the largest industrial engines for trucks, buses and marine applications, among others.


There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in any of the above endeavors.


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