EZJR, Inc. Updates Shareholders on Recent Developments

EZJR, Inc. (OTCQB: EZJR), is an online Service Provider to the consumer credit industry. The Company is pleased to provide this strategic direction update to its shareholders, and discuss the recent acquisition of an innovative software system and the vital role it will play in the current and future growth of the Company. EZJR is committed to maintaining open lines of communication with its current and potential shareholders, and is excited to share more details with the investing public regarding recent corporate developments that have positioned the Company for solid growth.


"Thus far, 2014 has been a transitional year for EZJR, as we have modified our corporate model from one-time revenue sources to subscription services that generate increased revenue over time," commented Ed Zimbardi, CEO of EZJR.


Previously, EZJR generated consumer data and sold that information to the various service providers ("SP's"). This model proved limited in the amount and ways in which the Company could earn revenues. As the Company developed various strategic and business relationships they were able to move away from that one-time sale model beginning with the strategic acquisition of consumer advocate Leading Edge Financial ("LEF").


"The acquisition of LEF provides the opportunity to significantly increase our operating margins, as we can now provide subscription services that generate revenues over a period of time rather than just once. With the implementation of this new model, we are able to cultivate personal relationships with our customers, rather than simply generating data and passing it along to the SP's who enjoyed the true value of the customer. We now have the opportunity to both upsell and down-sell our customers a variety of products. In order to accomplish this, we had to significantly upgrade our customer facing software and establish relationships with other service providers, resulting in a comprehensive retail credit-centric package," Mr. Zimbardi went on to say.


Credit plays an important role in every person's life: one needs good credit to secure many jobs, to make major consumer purchases, to obtain reasonable insurance rates, and even to rent an apartment or home. As the role of credit has increased in the importance of our lives, it is more crucial than ever for consumers to manage, monitor, and improve their credit scores. EZJR has created a comprehensive credit management and monitoring diagnostic suite of tools for the consumer.


The Company's credit monitoring service, CredEze, offers members with the most comprehensive identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution assistance currently on the market. Alert programs have been designed to protect consumers from the damages that are caused by identity and credit theft. CredEze monitors each member's credit daily through all three of the major credit bureaus, and immediately alerts members of unusual activity.


"We are excited to finally be at this point in our development. With our suite of credit related products firmly in place, we can now market our services directly to the consumer. In this regard, our proprietary suite of products gives consumers very specific sources of credit point reductions or additions, and offers advised actions. This gives us a strategic advantage over other credit management system currently in the marketplace," stated Zimbardi.


The LEF credit management product shows positive and negative information on users' credit reports, which is in turn analyzed and calculated to show the consumer how many points are being deducted from -- or added to -- their overall credit score. Customers are provided with a better understanding of the weight each account carries. Recommendations and scenarios are then given to the customers to achieve short and long-term goals. EZJR's new CRM system provides significant enhancements to the customer experience, while allowing the Company to optimize lead flow and seamlessly process large amounts of customer data.


The Company's newly integrated marketing team has begun developing and market testing an aggressive online and digital marketing initiative aimed at bringing awareness to our consumer offerings and educating customers about their options when it comes to managing their credit. "We believe that we can increase client engagement and retention through this initiative with the assistance of our new Customer Relationship Management ('CRM') software," Zimbardi said.


"In closing, I would like to say that we are extremely proud to be in a position to share such important developments with our shareholders. We believe that we have all of the components in place to be become a leader in our industry," said Zimbardi.


About EZJR, Inc.
EZJR, Inc., and its consumer brands, such as and is a consumer advocacy network, servicing the consumer credit industry. EZJR has built a corporate infrastructure that generates verified leads with the added capability to provide consumers with tools, products and services that allow them to understand, monitor and rebuild their credit profiles -- without relying on outsourcing or third parties. The Company's recent acquisition of a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") software which will allow EZJR to better manage customer data and provide an online experience that is tailored to meet the needs of each user. For more information, please visit the company's Corporate website,


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