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V Group, Inc.: More Paths, More Opportunities

V Group Inc

V Group Inc., (OTC PINK:VGID) is excited to announce that the Company has begun its quest to diversify its interests with an aggressive incubation program. It is the Company’s intention to incubate, launch and grow as many as seven diverse companies over the next five years. The Company will be identifying start up opportunities with the intension of establishing those companies as viable “stand alone” public entities. V Group, Inc. will be assisting the new ventures in exchange for equity. V Group, Inc. will mandate that the new ventures are developed as fully audited entities. V Group, Inc. will be developing the new entities with the intention of bringing each to the public markets on their own as fully reporting companies. To ensure shareholder value, shareholders of V Group, Inc. will also be awarded shares in the new entities as they become public.   


There is a massive pent up demand for the development of entrepreneurial opportunities. We intend to profit from that demand as we help people capture their dreams.” States Larry Twombly, President of V Group, Inc. Mr. Twombly goes on to say; “The vision is simple. Imagine that you have a great idea for a business that can grow, create revenue, create jobs, etc. you need a small amount of capital and guidance to get it off the ground. You can’t go to friends and family. They don’t have any money. You can’t go to the bank with an idea. They want 5 years of business statements, 2 years of profits, etc. If you had all that, you wouldn’t need them. You can’t go to venture capital. They want to raise 50 million dollars for the next Facebook. They don’t care about your idea. They don’t care about the 50 thousand your seeking either. That’s where we come in. We can raise the money. We will take a stake in your company. Help guide it. Help grow it. We will bring it public after 12 months. You win and out shareholders win. All big business started as small ones. Henry Ford had to build his first car before he built a million”.


V Group, Inc. has identified the first incubation candidate. The details of the company will be announced in a future release.


The Company will be announcing a date and time of a shareholder conference call in the next couple of weeks for the purpose of discussing these and other events further.


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