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Q Lotus Holdings Inc. Board Announces Plan

Q Lotus Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: QLTS) (‘the Company”) is a public reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  Its objective is to create shareholder value through well-organized effective execution of its business operations.


On Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, the Board of Directors of Q Lotus Holdings Inc. met and unanimously approved the following Organization Plan and Organization Structure.


Q Lotus Holdings Inc. operations are divided into three groups.


QLTS Mining Monetization and Trading Group

Q Lotus Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Q Lotus Holdings Inc., has rights to several mining claims including its ownership of 20 silica mining claims nested in a National Forest in the southwestern area of the State of Oregon.  The Company has other mining claims available to it and it is in the process of establishing its own laboratory to best evaluate opportunities on an ongoing basis in mining and monetization. The Q Lotus Mining Monetization and Trading Group has the responsibility for continuing the management, evaluation and prioritization of the use of those assets for the benefit of the shareholders.


The Group is in the process of arranging updated in situ valuations and is also in the process for completing a mining operation and business plan with ongoing consultation and support from the company’s mining partner Prospect Silica Enterprises, Inc. and its team.


Mr. Ron Gibson, who heads Prospect Silica Enterprises, came to obtain the claims in the 1980’s. Drilling random sampling by a third party (Dow Corning), a mining expert and the State of Oregon have all confirmed that Prospect contains exceptionally pure (99%+) silica in quantities so vast it will require multiple generations to mine it all. A 400 acre site 100 feet deep contains over 1.75 Million tons of silica with consistent purity top to bottom. Its value, at a conservative $80 per ton, makes the in situ value of the entire site worth well in excess of $14 Billion according to an earlier appraisal which will be updated by the QLTS Mining Monetization and Trading Group.


Specialty silica’s are used in a vast array of products from green low carbon concrete to rubber tires to golf course sand to pharmaceuticals, food and healthcare to electronics to solar panels to glass and many, many more products. The list is seemingly endless. Silica, one of the most abundant minerals on earth is rarely found in the quantity and purity available at the Prospect.


The Mining, Monetization and Trading Group will be responsible for continuing and building upon efforts of mining monetization abilities for the company to draw upon and to generate cash capital and to coordinating those efforts with trading activities maximizing results for the company and its shareholders. The management and oversight responsibility for the group resides within George Gonzalez who shall be the president of the QLTS Mining Monetization and Trading Group.


Recent experiences with monetization provide the Company excellent additional talent to draw upon and best facilitating monetization and trading activities.


QLTS Finance Group

The Company is in the process of completing its acquisition of Midwest Business Credit, LLC (MBC) an asset-based lending company to operate under the QLTS Finance Group.  MBC provides secured asset-based financing to companies which are typically deprived working capital from traditional financial institutions.  Most of the MBC clients are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, trading and service industries.


The demand for asset based financing is growing at a time when the number of lenders is shrinking.  The changing market conditions have opened a substantial hole in the commercial credit operation geared toward the needs of the small to mid-size businesses.  Most banking institutions are focused on large transactions, and the smaller banks do not have the staff and or personnel to monitor asset-based credit facilities, and they are restricted by federal and state regulations.  The commercial finance industry was drastically affected by the credit crunch, and there is a tremendous opportunity to work with growing companies who possess the talent and momentum to have significant success as a business enterprise.


QLTS Finance Group is led by Tim Bellcourt, who has over 25 years of experience in the asset-based lending industry, and has a track record with a loan loss ratio of less than 1%.  Mr. Bellcourt has been involved in audit management, loan administration, portfolio management, credit underwriting, marketing, and profit and loss responsibilities.  He has worked for organizations such as LaSalle Business Credit, GE Capital Corporation, and US Bank.  Tim has successfully started two independent asset based lending companies.


In addition to Tim Bellcourt’s experience and expertise, Gary Rosenberg, CEO of Q Lotus Holdings, Inc., will also contribute to the growth of the financial group.  Gary is well known as a strategist, valued board member and innovator in the securities and banking industries and as a mover in the creation of the syndication, REIT and venture capital industries.  Gary has a well-established network in, real estate finance, asset based finance and venture capital.  Gary was an investment banker, worked in the venture capital field, served as a board member to an investment banking company, and shaped early venture capital activity.  His leadership and experience will help the Finance Group grow exponentially.


QLTS Real Estate Finance Group

QLTS Real Estate Finance Group will provide a variety of lending and real estate services to the real estate industry. These include loans for the acquisition development and improvement of real estate which will be originated in and administered jointly with the QLTS Finance Group.


The QLTS Real Estate Finance Group will also provide equity capital from internal resources and real estate funds that it will operate and manage. Other services to be provided by the real estate group include development services, management and acquisitions and dispositions.


QLTS Real Estate Finance Group plans to provide opportunistic funding to approved developers that have a highly proven track record of real estate development. Particular focus will be funding money necessary to complete projects, bridge loan requirements, capital required to control quality project opportunities, and last money in opportunities. The financing opportunities are readily available through our network of qualified real estate developers, and the loans will offer excellent returns relative to the risk.


The group will offer to real estate entrepreneurs investor benefits that traditional lenders cannot match.  Above average returns to the company on this financings will be realized because of its uniqueness and demand in the market.  The Company also anticipates receiving equity participations as additional compensation for its loans.  Loans must be secured by the subject property, other owned real estate, or such other security instruments and/or guarantees as deemed appropriate by underwriting.


The chairman and CEO of Q Lotus Holdings Inc., Gary A. Rosenberg is the president of QLTS Real Estate Finance Group.


We anticipate a high degree of interaction between the groups increasing potential overall rewards to Q Lotus Holdings Inc.


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